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New anime

The new season has started, and some new anime has been trickling in.

There was Okusama wa Joshikosei ("My wife is a highschool student"). Asami is a 17-year old highschool student. She is secretly married to her physics teacher, Kyosuke. They haven't done the nasty yet -- Asami's father had Kyosuke sign a solemn pledge not to have sex with his daughter, but that doesn't stop Asami from trying to get Kyosuke to "give her lots of love".
It's not funny or romantic, and it's not overly ecchi. It bored and annoyed me.

There was Da Capo ~Second Season~. Two years have passed since the events in Da Capo, and Asakura is still single, though he has several girls following him around.
It seems like a repeat of Da Capo, only more boring. Just like I liked Ai Yori Aoshi but couldn't get excited about Ai Yori Enishi, it seems that, while I liked Da Capo, I just can't muster any enthusiasm for this new offering.

There was Kamichu! Yurie, a middle school student, turns into a kami. (Kami are the spirits or gods of the animistic Shinto religion.) She can see spirits, but she doesn't know just what her powers as a goddess are. Her friends help her find out, which results in a typhoon!
Great characterisation, great animation. The spirits and Yurie are cute, and the premise is very interesting. One to watch.

We also saw "The Diary of Tortov Roddle", which is technically not an anime. It's a 16-minute animation, telling of the surreal travels of Tortov Roddle in the form of a series of short stories. I think that bakenius would certainly enjoy that one...
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