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I am absolutely amazed at how well the emergency services in London have been dealing with the bomb attacks. The response has been swift and effective, and the people seem to be determined to not let these terrorist attacks break their stride. I think the threat of the IRA is to blam/credit for that.

I am very impressed with the fact that most transportation is already running again. Everybody seems to be alert but not in a panic.
I read a few times that the terrorists seem to have targeted the infrastructure, and not have aimed at a maximum number of casualties. Well, they did grind the transportation system to a halt -- for a few hours. I don't think they're getting their money's worth here.

Good show, everyone!

While I doubt anyone concerned will ever read this, the families of the deceased and the wounded have my deepest sympathies. Also, if any of you want to contribute something, donate blood! Donating blood saves lives, plain and simple.

ETA: Check out london_070705 for a continuous stream of posts on the event.
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