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We've had another busy weekend...

Saturday, klik's parents dropped by for a bit (they wanted to see the couch in the flesh, so to speak), but they didn't stay very long. Later that day, we had another bunch of visitors: babarage, gertvr and xaviar_nl came to visit us. We did the usual 'hanging out', discussing various topics, playing Kuri Kuri Mix, and eating lots of fine food. We were even treated to a live concert by xaviar_nl and klik!

Sunday, my parents came by, and we wandered into the city centre. Contrary to my expectations, the shops were closed this sunday (they will be open on the sunday prior to the  Vierdaagse). However, there was enough to do in the centre, and there were lots of people enjoying a leisurely stroll.
This year, Nijmegen is reportedly 2000 years old, and lots of festivities are being organised. One of them is a sand sculpture of Nijmegen -- but there was also a workshop 'building sand-castles' given somewhere. It was very amusing to see the amateur sand-castle builders working with the sand.

We also dropped by the St. Stevenskerk, and we went up to the top of the Donjon that had been erected in the Valkhof park -- it had been opened just the day before. We took the (slow) elevator up and enjoyed the view.

I took some pictures with the baby-camera, and klik stitched them together. She insisted that I post them in my Journal...

This is part of the sand sculpture. I really like the false perspective they gave this street.

View of the Waal-bridge from the Donjon. I took some pictures of the city itself, but the babycamera is just too small... You'll have to make do with this one.

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