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S2 and tags and cold feet

With Semagic now supporting tags, I had to switch over to S2 to get tag-filtering. To my dismay, Refried Paper (my default Journal layout that I had become quite attached to) is not available in S2, so I switched to Generator.

I'm not too happy with that either. So I thought I could make my own S2 layout and be done with it.
But the documentation is all rather... abstract. I need a good annotated example, or at least an example I can ask someone questions about.

Does anyone feel like sharing their S2 style with me and be available for answering my questions about it?

Also, I lost part of the nail of my big toe this weekend, in an unfortunate accident involving monitor stands and the stairs. Ouch. I can't have any sort of pressure on it, though to my relief wearing shoes is OK. But I have to keep the foot above the covers, or else the duvet will kill me. I wake up with cold feet. :(
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