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The weekend...

Friday, klik's colleagues had organised a barbecue in the backyard of one of them. Partners were invited as well, so I went with her. I already know a few of her colleagues from parties (and the enormous number of photos she makes at her work -- what she posts in her Journal is only the tip of the iceberg!), but it was very nice to see who was who.
The food was delicious as well (one of her colleagues, who is [in]famous for slacking off, made a whole bunch of delicious sateh). I had a few beers and chatted with (mainly) exar and some other of klik's colleagues. When the BBQ was over, a fire was stoked (because it had gotten quite chilly by that time), and around 23:00 we left for home again.

Saturday, we did some shopping and we made a start on the 'workshop' upstairs. We have quite a few workbenches/desks/shelving that we can set up there -- we also have quite a few tools and semi-finished projects that we need to store somewhere. We have more rooms than we can readily use -- so why not put all the shelving and unused desks in there?
In the evening, we visited rupertdaily.

Sunday, we finished installing the shelving. Not much to say about that, other than that the fact that I drilled so many holes in the hard concrete walls in such a rapid succession that we completely destroyed three drilling bits. They got too warm, didn't cool off enough, and were just flattened against a pebble in the concrete...
Next time, we need to take more time -- and get the more expensive, hardened drill bits and not the cheap house-brand ones...

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