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Weekend update

Saturday we did some grocery shopping (we always plan to go friday evening, but most of the time we're too tired to actually get ourselves off the couch). babarage would come for lunch, so we made onigiri, with some experimental fillings.
We made three fillings: a courgette/garlic/onion filling (all of it completely chopped into a thick paste, fried and with a bit of Kikkoman soy sauce), a minced beef/ginger/wasabi/mayonaise filling (baked minced beef, thinly sliced stem ginger, a bit of soy sauce and quite a big goob of wasabi mayonaise) and the traditional tuna/mayonaise filling. Unfortunately, we were out of the vinegar powder that we use for the rice, so the rice itself was quite bland -- but that could easily be remedied with more filling. :)

Unfortunately, babarage had a bit of trouble getting here, so we were quite hungry by the time she appeared. Soon, Onno came by as well, and we chatted, viewed babarage's holiday snaps, and had a good time in general. I prepared dinner (my [in]famous stir fry), and afterwards Onno had to leave to make it in time for the RotS screening that was the reason he was in Nijmegen in the first place.
We chatted some more with babarage (as we are prone to do on such occasions), and when the topic came to GP's, medications and flu medicine in particular, we put on Stink Bomb, the second part of the Memories anthology. babarage isn't that fond of anime, but she liked this one.

Sunday, we cleaned up a bit, and we went into the city center to find a present for my mom, who had her birthday a week ago. We found a really nice large earthenware dish with a meditteranean decor, which we liked!
You see, my parents dropped by on their way from Drenthe back home -- they had collected Joep from paultje's vacation address, so that he can spend the week with them. They will bring him back to Denmark this friday.
Also, in the city centre we bumped into Ghita, my childhood friend that we hadn't seen since... I think we last saw her at the wedding, so it's been almost two years. Her illness makes it hard for her to visit people, but we exchanged email addresses and vows to come through with the visiting this time!

Not much else happened, we just cleaned up and cleared some stuff.

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