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We made ourselves a Japanese breakfast (salad, fried egg, rice -- we had forgotten to make some miso), but we just couldn't finish it, it was just too much. We used the rest of the rice to make onigiri. I made an aubergine-onion-soy sauce filling, and ingiechan made a tuna-mayonaise filling. They made for a tasty lunch!
We did some cleaning and in the afternoon, we went to see The Italian Job. Amusing movie, it's a bit like Ocean's Eleven. The racing with the mini's and the traffic control is a bit downplayed and the movie ended rather abruptly, but still a nice way to kill two hours.
Did some shopping (10 kilos of Japanese rice is approximately 12 liters), and ended up in front of the TV to watch some more Pita Ten.

Yesterday evening, my parents came by to watch the photos and hear the stories of Japan. Took us 4.5 hours to tell and show it all! O_o;
Perhaps I should make a condensed version...

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