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'New' anime

What with the move and all, I'm seriously behind on the first episode reviews of new anime series. I'll be trying to catch up, so as not to dissapoint kees_s too much. ;)

We've seen Gokuji Seitokai. I think it can best be described as a cross between Maria-sama ga Miteru and Azumanga Daioh. Confused?
It's the story of a girl who transfers to Miyagami Academy. She has a hand-puppet that 'speaks', that she has lots of discussions with -- this is the main source of comedy in the first episode. The apartment building where she was to stay, has burned down, so she has no place to stay. The school is governed by the student council, who all live in the school apartments -- and that is why one of her new classmates gets her elected as class president. After her handpuppet defeats an arsonist (!), she is given a secretarial position in the council.
My summary doesn't do the episode justice -- it is genuinely funny in a wacky way.

We've seen Haru wo Daiteita -- pure and unadulterated yaoi. And because it's an OVA, they get away with a lot more than would be possible if this had been a TV series. It's not hentai though -- we don't get any closeups.
Two AV ('Adult Video', read: 'pr0n') actors are rivals for a part in a TV-series based on a series of books written by an exceedingly gay writer. At first, they are jealous of each other, but as their work together continues, they start to develop feelings for eachother.
Watch it if you're into yaoi, this wasn't really our thing.

We've seen Trinity Blood. 'Lost technology' (quite steampunkish), the Vatican and aliens that are, basically, vampires...
We meet Father Nightroad, who is on a mission, travelling via airship from London to the Vatican. He seems friendly but rather scatterbrained. A vampire attacks the ship and programs it to crash-land into the very hart of the Vatican, after brutally killing the ship's crew (and some of the passengers). Word of this reaches the Vatican, where the pope (a really young boy) has to decide what to do with this ship -- and he is councilled by a male and a female (!) cardinal, in rather outrageous costumes. Nightroad confronts the Vampire, and turns out to be an even more fearsome creature...
The character of Nightroad irritated me a bit (too goofy, until he turns himself 'on'), but the series might turn out to be really entertaining, what with the mix of steampunk and catholicism twisted beyond recognition.

We've seen Speed Grapher. Saiga, a photoreporter, has a knack of getting very interesting scoops. His editor-in-chief asks him to investigate a rumour of a club where the wealthy can get anything they desire, when the price is right. Through various adventures, Saiga manages to infiltrate the club, but he isn't prepared for what he encounters there. Add a sadistic ballet dancer who doubles as an assassin, and a sinister plot is starting to heat up...
Quite interesting, and this being a Gonzo title, it looks good to boot.
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