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Finished series: Futakoi

Even before we moved, we finished Futakoi. My first-episode review of that series is here.

Futakoi tells the story of Nozomi, who comes to live in the town where he grew up when his father leaves to teach astronomy on Hawaii. In the town is the shrine of the twin maidens, and it is said that their influence causes many female twins to be born in the town. Nomozu knew a pair of twins back when he was little, and during a ride on a ferris wheel, they promised to all get married...
Nozomu is in middle school, and during his first day he meets lots of female twins. Most get to be quite infatuated with him over time. There's the Ichijo twins whom he knew from when he was little. There are the rich twin girls Sakurazuki, who are very naive about the 'real' world outside of their mansion.
As time progresses, we get to see how Nozomu's relationship with both sets of twins (and an assorted set of supporting characters, some of them twins as well) develops. It would have been standard harem-anime fare, if not for the fact that the feelings of the characters are pretty well developed and believable.

Normally, the females in a harem anime are mysteriously attracted to some really normal, everyday guy. Not so much in this series: there are believable reasons why the characters react on each other as they do. The twins are not just identical copies either: there is one episode where Nozomu gets to chat with each of the Ichijo sisters separately, and they explain to him why they do what they do, in relation to the other sister.
That made this series interesting: not the slavish and improbably devotion like in Sister Princess or Da Capo, but a believable set of desires and motivations.

And Nozomu is not exempt from this either: as the series progresses, he finds out that, in order to be as gentle and kind as he likes to think he is, he will have to make a choice as to who will be his girlfriend. There can be only one -- and a set of twins are not one person!

I felt a bit cheated when, at the end of the series, Nozumu does not make that choice. The series could have scored a whole point higher if he had -- it would have definately broken out of the mold of the typical harem anime. A missed chance, but not a bad series per se.

Good points:
- Cute character designs;
- Interesting premise;
- Believable emotions and motivations.
Bad points:
- Doesn't follow through with the trend set at the middle of the series -- therefore no resolution.

I'll give it a 7.

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