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LJ Search Engine?

Suppose there would be an LJ search engine that would index all of the entries in your Journal, and the entries of your friends' Journals. It would also index the comments to each entry, allowing you to ask questions like "give me all the posts of greatbiggary between 01-03-2004 and 21-12-2004 where fub made a comment containing the word 'LED'". It would allow relevance feedback (allowing you to see which words were used in posts like that, like 'microcontroller' and 'assembly'), and 'opening up' your query (allowing you to search for all posts in the index for those words. You could have default 'views' on the database (allowing you to standard search in your own Journal or the Journals of your friends).

I'm still thinking about protected posts -- ideally, one would index those as well, but that would require access to your Journal, and that can only be done with your password. Probably not the correct route. But suppose there was a desktop application -- you could give that your password (like you do with your LJ client anyway). Every so many days, the application could download your entries and comments, keep track of your friends filters, compress and encrypt it all, and then send it to the server to be processed.
If a friend of you wants to search your Journal, they would have to log in to the search engine. I could implement OpenID for that.

Now for my questions:
- Would you want to use such a service?
- Would you (given full disclosure about the procedure and full access to the (GPL'ed) source code) trust the desktop application and the server enough to let it index your protected posts as well?
- Would you pay for such a service? How much per year? How many Journals would you want to be able to search for that amount of money?

Any input greatly appreciated.

Edited to link to OpenID -- thanks breyten!

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