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Why we do what we do, and why we do how we do it

We have spent the last two days trying to run COAX and UTP-cables through our plints -- and this afternoon we finally got it right. We drilled 8mm holes in the plints where the cables have to enter (at my desk, because that's where the switch and the cable-wallplug are) and leave (15 meters further, in the extension behind the TV). We had to move closets away, and the walls with the sliding doors and the corners gave us quite some headaches -- but we managed to run the cables through the plints.
We now have cable-TV again, and the MACH F is hooked up to both the TV and the network, so we can also watch fansubs again! Not yet via the custom-built software, but for the moment this suffices...

It took us a lot of time and trouble and caused a lot of frustration, but in the end we're both very pleased with the result. We need to keep focussed on the end result -- while klik is worried that we will be living in the mess for another two years, I am worried that we lose sight of the end goal and start to cut corners.

No matter how long it takes, we will finish this house just how we want it. No compromises!

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