August 14th, 2021


RPG-a-Day 14: Safety

Today’s prompt for RPG-a-Day is ‘Safety’.

As I wrote before, I like having rules for travel in an RPG — your adventure is not a picnic, it’s a journey through the unknown. Dangerous things might happen! Ryuutama, the One Ring and Against the Darkmaster all have travel rules that mean that you’re never really safe on a journey. One of the tropes of RPGs is that you regain your hitpoints under certain circumstances, which means you’re ‘good as new’ again. D&D heals you fully at each eight-hour period of rest, no matter where (unless you are interrupted). But (most) games with travel rules only give you HPs back in safe locations — and a camp out in the open is never safe. Only when you reach your destination (or even only when the people at the destination welcome you and it’s a ‘sanctuary’ for you) do you heal from any wounds you got on the road.
That puts a whole new dynamic on the whole thing. If you’re exploring a dungeon or a wilderness, you have to manage your resources more carefully than if any night’s sleep will heal you fully. Events on the road can have a real, lasting impact on how the ‘real’ adventure progresses. Because to me, travel is its own adventure, not just a prelude.

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Friday Five: A Family Set

While we’re posting on prompts, let’s also throw in a Friday Five!

1. Did you grow up with your parents together as a unit?
Yes and no. My parents are still together, but when I was a young kid my dad traveled a lot. When I was a teenager, he worked in Germany and had an apartment there. He’d leave Monday morning, return Wednesday evening, leave Thursday morning and return Friday evening. So during the week, it was just us three. I did miss him.

2. Did you reach adulthood with four living grandparents?
My biological paternal grandmother died long before I was born. But my paternal grandfather re-married, and so my ‘step-grandma’ was the only grandmother I knew. All four of them were alive when I was an adult (defining ‘adult’ as ’18 years old’), but my maternal grandfather died not too soon after.

3. Is your extended family a close one or not?
Not at all. After my paternal step-grandmother died, I have not had contact with that side of the family. (Something to do with the inheritance, and I decided that if my family could treat their siblings like that, I was better off keeping my distance.)

4. Does your family have a ‘black sheep’?
My father’s younger brother was the black sheep (the prototypical ‘rock & roll uncle’), but he died in a car accident before I was born. I have his name as my second name, and I have a younger cousin who is named for him. It was a traumatic experience for the family.

5. What is your first memory of a family member that is not your mother(s) or father(s)?
I… don’t really know?

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