December 28th, 2019


The rise of Capybarbarian

After spending many evenings putzing around with the layout in Affinity Publisher, I lamented the fact that the text style management in that program was not as good as it is in MS Word. (I work(ed) professionally with MS Word, and I’m pretty confident in my ability to maintain a strict text style system in my documents.) And then I realised that I wrote the whole scenario in LibreOffice Writer, which has the same kind of style management as MS Word…
So I scratched the layout in Affinity and went to work in LibreOffice Writer. After two evenings, I had the layout all done. Well, that will teach me, I guess.
I’ve done some adjustments to the text and had to make it shorter in a few places to ensure a new chapter would begin in a new column, but it is now in its final form. I’m waiting for the final versions of the illustrations — I’ve placed the sketch “placeholders” in the text for now in order to finish the layout.

When you register with DriveThruRPG as a publisher, you’re asked for a name. I could use my own name, but where is the fun in that? Only well-known authors do that, with possibly ‘Productions’ or ‘Games’ as a postfix. I thought long and hard, and decided on ‘Capybarbarian’. The capybara is my favourite animal, and of course the barbarian is a class in Dungeons & Dragons. The contrast between the capybara, that always look so incredibly relaxed, and the raging barbarian should be an interesting contrast.
I’ve commissioned a logo (a capybara barbarian, of course), registered the domain name and created a single-page site that will be launched to coincide with the publication of the scenario — probably in the first week of January. I need to figure out the hosting situation first…

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