August 31st, 2018


RPG-a-day, day 31: Share why you take part in RPG-a-day

Day 31: Share why you take part in RPG-a-day
Roleplaying games are, at the moment, my main hobby. I love them, and I wish there were more people playing them. I especially would like to have more diversity in the player base: things are improving, but it’s still a hobby for white dudes. And I play RPGs for the awesome adventures, so having more diverse experiences and viewpoints represented in the hobby will make adventures more surprising and interesting — and thus awesome.
Things have improved a lot the last few years, with artwork becoming more inclusive (iconic characters being non-white, no chainmail bikinis!) and a wider variety of viewpoints being represented in the subject matter of games (such as queer teenagers in Monsterhearts). But we’re not there yet, and there are shitty white dudes everywhere who will happily seek to exclude others, but I think the tide is against them and can’t be turned anymore.
But RPGs are still very much a niche hobby, so perhaps a lot of people who would be interested, just are never made aware of the possibilities of RPGs and how fun they are. So by talking about them, I hope to pique people’s interest. Perhaps they will become interested, perhaps they will find a group.

And maybe, one day, I will be able to play in a group where I’m the only white dude. I’d certainly like that.

…and on the last day of the month, that is the last question of RPG-a-day 2018!

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