August 24th, 2018


RPG-a-day, day 24: Which RPG do you think deserves greater recognition?

Day 24: Which RPG do you think deserves greater recognition?
Ryuutama. It gets easily dismissed as a cutesy anime game — mostly because of the artwork.
At its heart, it is a game about travel, and that’s unusual. Even in The One Ring, which has explicit travel rules, the game resumes after the travel is resolved: travel is something you do to get to the adventuring location, not what the game is about.
It presents itself as a lightweight game, but the underlying system for encumbrance is super hardcore: it is a complex system that you play around with during downtime. It is possible to die of hunger and thirst on the road, if you’re not prepared and you have a string of unlucky dice rolls!
I haven’t come across any game that has those two features at its core, and that makes it quite unique — and yet the artwork and the marketing downplays this and promotes it as “Hayao’s Miyazaki’s Oregon Trail”, which I think doesn’t do the game justice.

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