August 5th, 2018


Catching up on RPG-a-day

Yesterday we were back home (from Castlefest) quite late and very, very tired, so instead of doing anything online we just crashed in bed. So you’re getting todays and yesterday’s entries in one go!

Day 4: Most memorable NPC?
For campaigns in which I played, that title goes to King Adelbern, the main ‘instigator’ in the GuildFinder campaign. (We were playing in the setting of Guild Wars 2, using the Pathfinder ruleset.) When his (human) kingdom was under attack by the giant tiger-like Charr and all seemed lost, Adelbern did some kind of necromantic ritual to raise every lost soul of his people so that they could repeat their fight into eternity. We were tasked with stopping the endless cycle of death and resurrection, though none of us were exactly friends with the Charr. (Or at least, not the Charr in general — there were some Charr that we were friendly with.)
Only after a lot of travel and snooping around the castle did we at last find Adelbern, and we studied his routine a few times before we dared to interfere. He was a fearsome opponent, but we did not have to fight him: we only had to disrupt his ghostly re-enactment of the ritual, which would restart the cycle anew. A very satisfying campaign.

For a game that I ran (using The One Ring), that dubious honor goes to Sunil, the woman bandit who had holed up with her buddies in a hidden tower. As the heroes found the tower and dropped her minions one by one, she surrendered to the group, and they took her captive. Part of Sunil’s tongue had been cut out, giving her a severe lisp. The game was conducted on a forum, so I could not make the players hear her speak — but I did write her speech down phonetically, and her mode of speech really got a rise out of some of the players.
So I upped it a notch, and made her very talkative, trying to buddy up to her captors. Things like making sure to walk close to the (female) Wood Elf and trying to engage her in “girlsss talk”, and endless flirting with the most burly fighter in the group. It all ended with her making an impassioned plea to said fighter, declaring her undying love for him, when she was being judged by Beorn. Needless to say, it didn’t work out between her and the poor fighter, who was severely embarassed by this outburst.

Day 5: Favourite recurring NPC?
I… have none. I can’t recall playing a campaign and ever thinking about an NPC: “Oh, it’s them again!” Maybe my memory is hazy, or maybe I never really play in campaigns that feature grand overall plots and recurring villains or helpers.

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