August 2nd, 2018

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RPG-a-day, day 2

meDay 2: What do you look for in an RPG?

The first thing I want to know of a new RPG is what it is that the characters do. Are you a hero fighting evil and monsters in a wild land, like in D&D? Or a scoundrel in a magical victorian city, like with Blades in the Dark? Or someone who is forced by circumstances to foster good-will and cooperation between the Free Peoples, like in The One Ring?
If an RPG can’t make clear what roles the characters play in the setting, and what a typical adventure would (sort-of) look like, then I quickly lose interest. I don’t want to slog through a whole rulebook, only to find out that playing a character in that game doesn’t excite me. But in contrast, if I’m excited by the premise, then I will happily read on to find out more.
(There is an exception to that, though. There is one group that I will happily play anything with, even if the premise doesn’t excite me. It’s consistently fun to play with them, no matter what system or setting.)

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