October 11th, 2017

Counting (Shuffle)

New October Anime #5

Sengoku Night Blood: A modern girl gets transported to another world which looks like the Sengoku period, with the same warlords — except some are human, others are catboys and the Toyotomi clan, which picks her up, are vampires… But all of them are, of course, super-hunky boys, and of course the girl is super special…
Reverse harem with both supernatural and historical elements. Our protagonist doesn’t seem to have any discernible personality: the focus is obviously on all the hunky vampires and catboys.
Verdict: Nah.

Imouto sa Ireba Ii: Itsuki, a writer, is a serious creep about younger sisters. Good thing he doesn’t have any! But his bizarre preferences are reflected in his writing, much to the annoyance of his editor, who (rightly!) rejects Itsuki’s work. Things are not made any better by his friends hanging out at his apartment.
Wow, what a bunch of stupid characters doing stupid stuff for a whole episode long! The only character that isn’t immediately disliked is Itsuki’s younger brother, who runs the whole household. Other than that, I see no real redeeming value anywhere.
Verdict: Hell no!

Anime-Gataris: Minoa attends a private girls’ school, and she vaguely remembers an anime from her youth. When she discusses this with a friend, the wealthy ‘princess’ classmate perks up. Turns out she is a total anime fan, and not stiff at all when discussing it. Minoa suggests (re-)starting the anime club, and gets roped into organising it.
Not much real content here: it’s super-thin on plot development and character pieces. It doesn’t really sparkle, and seems like total otaku-bait. Not that interesting.
Verdict: Nah.

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