August 3rd, 2016

hand-eye coordination

More new anime

Shoukugeki no Souma S2: The second season of Shoukugeki no Souma, and it dives right in to the next cooking contest between Souma and one of his fellow students. It just continues straight on, so there's no time lost on flashbacks or fillers -- it just barrels on! So if you liked the first one (and we did), then this is also a must-see!

Berserk: There was this Berserk TV series, and then there were some movies, and now there's another TV series -- they're apparently continuations of each other. We've seen the first TV series, which got really dark at the end. We haven't seen the movies, but this new series is again definitely not sunny. Guts, the main character, is invincible, and the rest of the characters are kind of expendable, fodder to be fed to random demons and undead. It's kinda boring to see such a bleak world portrayed under the guise of it being 'dark and edgy'.

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! Love!: Second season. After a long conversation in the bath, the student council catches a plane to study abroad. And right the next day, the school gets invaded by another monster -- but luckily Wombat returns and he gives the boys their updated bracelets that will make them even more powerful Battle Lovers!
It was fun for the first season, but it promises to be more of the same for the second season. We're kinda done with the concept.

Love Live! Sunshine: A girl really wants to emulate an existing girl group and create a group of school idols. She is recruiting, but nobody is joining -- and the school council president is not going to approve the club application, even if she manages to find five prospective members!
So there was a Love Live! anime before that showed a group of 'school idols'. That one is done, and this is a new iteration of the same concept -- though of course with fresh characters and in a non-Tokyo location. It did not grab us, just like the first iteration of the concept did not grab us.

OZMAFIA!!: Short CGI anime about a boy transferring into a school and being chased by a sword-wielding maniac when he gets lost on the grounds. He gets saved by his handsome teacher.
As usual with these short episodes, it is entirely unclear what it is about. The art is meh and there's no indication of some plot.

Qualidea Code: Creatures called 'Unknown' attack Earth. Kids get taken to shelters as the attack begins and cryogenically frozen. After some time, they get defrosted. Some of them have special abilities, and they are used to fight against the Unknown. There are three schools, and they are in competition with eachother -- which is not the most productive way to use those talents...
This is again one of those 'hypercompetent highschooler with special powers'-things. This also means that the characters are not very likable and there is little dramatic conflict. Meh.

Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars: Twelve years, a battle between giant mecha blew up a kingdom. Now, a pair of girls live together, and one of them gets called out. Turns out that the mecha can be summoned, and they get attacked with them!
Could be a cool mecha series, could also fall flat...

Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan: Saiki is a very powerful psychic. He can read people's minds, he has precognition and powerful telekinesis. You'd think he'd have an easy life, but this is certainly not the case: he would have liked to be just a normal kid. So he has to carefully manage his appearance and powers, while keeping his parents (who of course know about his powers) happy...
It took some time to grow on us, but the hyperbolic situations coupled with the understated comedy is actually pretty funny.

Scared Rider Xechs: Some people have a sort of spirit familiar that they can use to transform. They use this to fight against extra-dimensional beings in some sort of mecha suits. Akira is one of these, but he can't transform... When a 'Director' is transported to the base he has to protect, the enemy attacks in an attempt to stop the Director of getting into the big mecha...
It's not clear what has happened to make the world like this, or what those spirits are, or who the enemy is. And the main character is kinda whiny, so that doesn't help either. In the end, we just didn't care what happened.