September 20th, 2015


Apple pie party

There's an apple farmer close to Nijmegen that allows people to come to the orchard and pick their own apples, every Saturday in September. We've been there before, and we thought it would be fun to go again. babarage and her husband came along!

Apples! We got some instructions on how to pick, and were advised to pick the biggest and reddest apples.

Selecting the best ones to make into apple pie. That tree with the little orange fruit (which is inedible) is there to attract bees and wasps for pollination, because the flowers smell much stronger than the flowers of the apple trees. Every tenth tree in the orchard is one of those 'attractor trees'.

Our haul: eleven kilos of apples -- a mix of goudrenet and elstar. Each pie would take about a kilo of apples, so we overshot our target by quite a bit!
We also visited the little supermarket with local products that was there, and the plastic sheep (now named "One", because one is supposed to count sheep) will be used to annoy babarage's dog. ;)

Cutting up the apples. They were so fresh that they didn't even get brown after being peeled for some time.

klik putting the finishing touches on the finished pie. We added more raisins than the recipe called for, because we could.

One hour later: fresh out of the oven!

Cutting up the pie made a bit of a mess -- no beautiful portions but more of a 'freestyle' piece of pie. Perhaps this is due to the extra moisture from the elstar apples. One day later, the bottom of the pie has gotten a bit soggy as well. One of the tips we got was to use baker's cream powder on the bottom to absorb the excess moisture, which we might try on a following pie.

We also baked a second pie for babarage to take home.

To supplement dinner, we also cut up some apples and warmed that up in the microwave. Smash it up with a fork (as fine as you wish, I prefer a bit chunky), and add a bit of cinnamon. Almost-instant applesauce, doesn't even need added sugar!


Best way to post vacation photos?

So, we'll be in Japan in about a month's time. Like usual, I am going to type up daily reports (in Dutch) that I am going to mail out to interested parties. But we'll also be taking quite a few photos -- both with cellphones (me) and with DSLR camera's (klik). We would like to share these with the people who read the reports -- but obviously we'd rather not send all those shots through e-mail.
So now I'm looking for a light-weight way to distribute those photos -- preferrably with captions, and a way to group photos together, so that you can see all photos from a single day together. I would like to be able to post through an app on my android phone as well -- so CMS'es with a fiddly interface are not my preference.

What should I do? Upload to LJ and make a post there? Just make a tumblr? Host a wordpress blog somewhere? Something else?