July 15th, 2015


Even more new anime

Okusama ga Seitokaichou!: Hayato wants to become the first student council president at a new school -- but when a handsome girl throws around condoms and promises 'free love', he loses and becomes the vice president. Then, of course, she moves into his home with the news that she will be his wife from now on -- something to do with a drunken promise between their parents.
It's as stupid as it sounds, but luckily it only lasted eight minutes.

Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace: When Kobayashi wakes up, he finds himself in an empty classroom -- empty except the ritually mutilated body of his homeroom teacher, and the murder weapon in his hand. He becomes a suspect in the murder case, and a young detective offers him to play a game: Kobayashi needs to find the true murderer, and then he can become his assistant...
Based on a story by Ranpo Kitan, who was a big admirer of Edgar Allen Poe ("Ranpo" is actually a Japanesed version of 'Allen Poe'), who died 50 years ago this year. Very moody with stark dark tones and very light tones, oddly lit backgrounds and a weirdly cheerful protagonist. If you like brooding mysteries, then this is definately worth checking out.

Miss Monochrome: The Animation 2: We've missed the first season of this, but we checked it out anyway. I lasted about five minutes into the episode before I turned it off. The titular character's computer-generated (or auto-tuned to oblivion) voice really grated on me.

Ushio & Tora: Ushio's father, the priest of a 500 year-old temple, always blabbers on and on about some sacred spear that is held in the temple -- but Ushio has never seen it. Then one day, he finds the spear in the basement of the storehouse -- embedded in the wall, through the shoulder of a demon who has been imprisoned there for 500 years. One thing leads to another, and Ushio releases the demon -- but by wielding the spear, he avoids being eaten and even manages to make the demon fight for him!
Shounen fare, with probably lots of fights. There's a dynamic between the boy and his demon, but I predict that in the long run it will turn into 'demon-of-the-week'. Which might not be bad if you're into that sort of thing (looking at you, lovers of One Piece and Naruto), but it's not us.

Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai: Under the guise of "Won't somebody think of the children!?", 'bad' words have been banned -- if you say one, you will be arrested by the special police! Okuma has finally managed to get into the school of his choice, the one with the 'highest morals' in the country, but en-route to his first day of school, he gets tangled up with an 'indecency terrorist' who shouts all sorts of obscenities in the train station! And wouldn't you know it: of course Okuma gets forced to join this group...
I'm sure the terrible double-entendre puns are quite funny in their native Japanese, but the translations were not that funny. The whole setup is also quite forced, so to us it's just not funny. The theme is, however, quite important. The title of the first episode is a question that we should ask ourselves whenever rules or laws are enacted to 'protect the children': "Whom Does Public Order and Morality Serve?"