December 9th, 2014


The One Ring

Do you know that joke that starts with "A Dwarf, a Hobbit and an Elf walk into a bar?"

Because that's how my Play-by-VOIP game of The One Ring started! We had the first 'proper' session tonight. The ruleset is new to all of us, so things did not run smoothly, but that is to be expected.

The group visited Gloin to get the job, and while he is no big friend of Elves, he recognised that it would be good to have an Elf on board in case the two missing Dwarves had been forced to 'enjoy' the hospitality of the Elven King...
They got underway by boat, and then they all failed their Travel rolls and the Guide botched his -- and then I rolled for a combat encounter!
That's where we ended the session (with ten minutes left in our 'time slot') because I can't (yet) improvise a combat encounter.

Everyone was very positive about using Google Hangouts for gaming, so that's good. We'll be playing again next week!
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