March 4th, 2014


March Forth

Today, it's International GM's Day -- a day to appreciate the GMs who run the games you enjoy. I've sent out a thank-you mail for the GMs of the campaigns I'm in. And tomorrow, I'll be hosting another session of the Streamdales campaign myself -- because I enjoy doing it, and I appreciate that my players are entertained enough to amble around in my world for more than a year now.
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Game: One Way Heroics

I've bought One Way Heroics for the ample sum of just over EUR 2.50 on Steam, because it looked fun. And it is!

It looks like Final Fantasy 1, but there's a twist: the world is being devoured by darkness from the left side of the screen, and only you (the hero) can save the world by slaying the demon lord who is off far to the right. It's turn-based, so every thing you do or every step you take brings the darkness closer -- so you have to keep an eye out so you don't get trapped, and you have to keep moving to the right.
You find loot, meet monsters, explore dungeons and rest at inns -- and then you go onwards, leaving everything to be swallowed by the darkness.

You won't finish this game in one go -- nor are you expected to. You earn Hero Points (based on the distance, enemies slain etc) which you can invest in perks during a later incarnation. The worlds are randomly generated, but there are also 'special events' every day. You can see the progress of the other players who share your dimension, and sometimes you can meet their ghosts at the place where they were slain...
Afterwards, the fairy who helps you on your quest will give you advice on how to progress even further. You can put things in your 'Dimensional Vault' and pass equipment from one incarnation to the next. And then it all starts over again!

It's a lovely little game. It's not action-packed (it being turn based: the monsters move only when you move), but it's quicky and fun. And it has the same effect on me as Rogue Legacy: you wonder how far you will get on your next incarnation...
And, which is unusual for me, I totally love the background music. I also like that you can play it with a controller (though you need a keyboard during your first run to enter the name of your character, if you don't want to live as 'Nameless'). The resolution is painfully low, though -- but that only goes to accentuate the pixelated look, I guess.

(I do feel that the makers left a huge market untapped by not naming the game 'One Direction Heroics', but that's just me.)

I have one extra copy in my Steam Library that I'd be happy to gift to someone. Let me know in the comments!
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