December 9th, 2013


Single-cup tea machine

I don't drink coffee, so that meant that klik never drank coffee at home either: too much trouble to brew a pot for a single person, and she wanted only one or two cups anyway. So I got her a Senseo machine many years ago, and that was fine. But then I got her a Nespresso machine for her birthday some years ago, and she found out just how bad the Senseo coffee was...
So we serve Nespresso at home, and all was well in the world.

Last week, I got a folder from Nespresso by mail. They sometimes do this, to urge you to buy a tin of horribly expensive (but at the same time horribly delicious) cookies to go with your coffee, or to get a matching set of coffee spoons or something like that. Most of it, we look through briefly and then it gets recycled.
But this time, the folder was for a tea machine. Nestlé's Special.T (cheesy pun-name alert!) is a single-cup tea brewer, that takes the type of tea in consideration with respect to temperature and seeping time. That's pretty neat -- I guess they integrate RFID tags in the capsules or something. And like with Nespresso, the vacuum-sealed capsules do preserve the taste of the tea very well.

Yes, I am a tea snob. At home, we only serve loose-leaf tea. At the office, I have my own tea pot for loose-leaf tea, and I store my private tea-stash in a small tea-container made from wood cut from the bark of a cherry tea (most expensive souvenir ever). I do care about stuff like temperatures and seeping times.
And yet I will not get this machine, because of one simple reason: it's single-serve. I drink no less than a pot, and I suspect many tea lovers do too.

On the other hand, Nespresso is king in coffee for Michelin-star restaurants. I wouldn't mind having the choice and quality in tea when we go out to dinner that this machine would bring.
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