September 21st, 2013

3-eyed cat

With two cats in the yard

The cats are getting more and more used to going outside, and we are getting more and more used to them being outside.

The thing with the kitty treats when they come back in is working quite well: often I only have to go out in the back yard and clap my hands to have the kitties come running. That's a re-assuring thought. We do keep the back door open when they're out, and often they'll pop back in for a bit and then go back out again. Still, having the door open in the evenings is not going to last very long in this time of year, so we'll have to think of something clever.

The black-and-white cat has made a re-appearance twice more. One time he chased Mikan, who retreated to the house. And then Yuzu popped up from behind the bicycles and he found himself surrounded... I defused that situation by chasing him off, which was fine with our kitties.
But today, he chased Mikan again into the yard and followed -- and again found Yuzu there too. The tide of battle was quickly turned and the two of them chased the intruder off. Yuzu went after him, and she hasn't come back yet, so I guess she's (trying to) teach him a lesson.
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Legends of Andor

For our ten-year wedding anniversary, we took our MC and his wife to dinner at a really good place in Nijmegen. Everybody had a lovely evening with good conversation, excellent food and lovely accompanying wine. And to our surprise they had a gift for us: the Dutch version of the Legends of Andor boardgame.

Last weekend, usmu visited us, and we opened the box to see what it was about. We had heard that the rules could be learned step-by-step while playing the game, so we got busy taking all the game pieces and putting it together.
The game is a cooperative game, which is a nice change of pace. I'll not review the game here completely (I mean, if you search around, you can find many reviews of the game elsewhere that do a better job than I could), but I will say that I am very, very impressed with it. There is a good story-telling mechanic involved, which allows for the situation to develop gradually. In the end, a 'legend' (a single story) can become a race against the clock, with the players carefully balancing their resources and time. The first time we played, we failed completely in our mission to protect the land of Andor, but the second time we knew what to expect and made it with time to spare.

I really like the cooperative aspects of the game: you really need to work together to bring a legend to its desired conclusion. And time is the most important resource: you can only do so many things on a single day... It is a really clever game with some really epic high-fantasy stories.
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