May 27th, 2013

hand-eye coordination

Mapping stuff

I've been dabbling into mapping, as you might know. Surfing the web for inspiration, I found a very interesting article about the evolving map that artist Jerry Gretzinger makes -- every day. Be sure to watch the short documentary, it explains nicely the appeal of maps.

If you like that, then you might want to add the following feeds to your friends list:
- imaginaryatlas, which posts such things as a topographical map of Skyrim;
- fy_cartography, which is mostly a constant stream of maps and photos of places with maps;
- mappingworlds, which is the weblog of Clercon, a Swede who is one of the top map makers with Profantasy's Campaign Cartographer; and
- rpgmaps, which is the weblog of the aforementioned Campaign Cartographer. They do a monthly digest of the maps posted in the forums.

There is also The Cartographer's Guild, where a lot of people congregate to show off the maps they made. Most use Photoshop or Gimp, and the tutorials are really interesting.
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