April 4th, 2013

King of the world!

24 hour relay race

A colleague of ours is the youth-trainer for an athletics club. His charges had gotten the idea to do something for charity: a 24-hour relay race. It had been done before, and they wanted to do it again. The charity in question is 'Spieren voor Spieren' ("Muscles for Muscles", a charity that sponsors research into muscle diseases). He had convinced TNJ to pay EUR 25 for every employee who would join in. We doubled that ourselves.

It sounded like fun, so we signed up for 12:00 to 13:00. And it was indeed fun: there weren't too many people in our time-slot, so we got to run quite a bit. Some of the runners had been at it since the beginning and were running on only 1.5 hours of sleep... In the end, we ran 2400 meters. Not much, but running and then waiting every 200m is quite hard because you just can't get into a rythm... And it was quite cold, but luckily it didn't snow like it had done the day before...

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