November 13th, 2011


Video editing

As I wrote earlier, I've taken some videos during our trip to Japan. Most could be uploaded 'as-is' (and so I did). But from the Jidai Matsuri I have quite a few clips -- not everything was interesting, especially not the waiting. So I needed a way to cut out unwanted parts and stitch these video together.

My regular desktop is quite anemic: since it's always on and I don't need much processing power for my day-to-day usage, I use Calcifer, a small Atom-powered nettop. Works like a charm, but things like full HD streams are too much for the little guy to process. So this Friday, I brought home my work laptop (which is a high-powered, modern machine) and downloaded the Artist-X live DVD. It booted fine, and I started up Cinelerra to start editing my videos.

Unfortunately, even the laptop had trouble decoding the video (probably an issue where the hardware rendering of the GPU couldn't be activated through the driver), and Cinelerra can't produce video with the correct resolution. I tried KDEnlive for a bit, but wasn't enthused either.

And then I found out that YouTube has a video editor. You can combine multiple clips into one project, cut out unwanted parts, add some effects, etc. Surely not a full editing suite, but I don't need one anyway. And YouTube videos play smooth (though not HD) on Calcifer! So I uploaded all my clips as private videos, and then combined them into one project, which is now being processed. Afterwards, I'll just delete the constituent clips.

Very easy to use, intuitive interface, works in the browser, and works good on Calcifer. And I want my videos to turn up on YouTube anyway, so next time I'll go straight for their editor.

Dragon Age II romantic entanglements

I've been playing Dragon Age II, and I've been flirting outrageously with anyone who would listen to my prattle. Which brings problems with it, just like it did in Dragon Age: Origins when I had to choose between Alastair and Leliana: both Anders and Merril are smitten with me. One step in completing the romance path is to get them to live with you.

I know some of you played the game before, so tell me: do I have to choose, or can I invite them both to live with me and start my own little apostate harem?

The sex is handled more discreetly than in DA:O, you just fall onto the bed and then there's a fade to black... I think I prefer it that way.
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