July 16th, 2011

Bishoujo squad!

Finished series: A Channel

We've finished watching A Channel. My first episode review is here.

A Channel is based on a 4-panel comic featuring four girls. And basically, that's all you need to know -- it's light-hearted fluff that combines various arche-types that we've seen many times in other series. Run is basically a repackaged Yui, Yuuko even looks like Mio (both from K-ON!), and Nagi is a renamed Koyomi from Azumanga Daioh.
So you know what to expect, and A Channel delivers precisely that. No plot, no conflict, hardly any progression (other than the girls moving from one class to the next).

It's quite derivative, but it's just that I like the stuff it's derived from. That's pretty much all that I can say about it.
SD Fub

Google Image Search

Google now has a method to search images based on another image you supply. I installed the Chrome extension, which allows me to search from a right-click on an image.
To try it out, I tested it on my default icon here. Google found the three Letterbox geocaches that I supplied with a stamp -- the maker placed this image on the page to tell people I made the stamp. So that's pretty impressive!

And the image that matched most closely (according to Google) is this one -- from the Ministry of Supervision of China -- sounds like some sort of secret police...

Phone gaming

Since I have the Samsung Galaxy S2, gaming has become an enjoyable experience on my phone -- the screen is bright and big, and the phone is super-responsive. The last few days I have been spending too much time on Inotia 3, an RPG in the Japanese tradition. The visuals are quite good, and the gameplay is enjoyable. Sure, it's not hard (the map even shows you where you have to go to receive a quest!) but it's a lot of fun. And the story is interesting even though it's a bit clichéd.
The only drawback is that it's ad-supported, which means that you get an ad every time you pause the game -- and sometimes in an interstitial between dungeons. That's pretty irritating -- especially when the ad stays on-screen through a bug! I've had some crashes as well, which is a pity.

However, for a free game, you can't beat the price/quality ratio. :)