May 20th, 2011


Zero History

On the way back to the airport, when we were returning from New York, I finally started in William Gibson's "Zero History" -- which I had bought at the ABC in Amsterdam somewhere in September last year. I read very few books these days, so being forced to sit still for a long while was the trigger I needed to start the book.
William Gibson is the only writer whose books I will buy without knowing what they're about, without having read reviews. So far, all of them have been great. He also writes his books in 'trilogies': three books that, while they often have different main characters, share a setting and with cameos of repeat characters. And interestingly, his settings have become less and less futuristic: Zero History features only tech that exists today. And yet Gibson manages to write an excellent cyberpunk novel.

Because to me, cyberpunk is about dealing with/in information, and Zero History (and its predecessors, "Pattern Recognition" and "Spook Country") is exactly about that, packaged in an amusing decor of fashionable hotels.
I think it would make an excellent setting for an RPG -- using the Over the Edge mechanics.

I'm looking forward to Gibson's next book -- I wonder what he will come up next.
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