January 6th, 2011



I (almost) always have a little box of (sugarfree) peppermint candy with me. Because I strongly dislike the taste of xylitol, I don't like the dominant brand in the Netherlands, called Smint. Instead, I search far and wide for boxes of Frisk. They have been available everywhere, but lately it's been harder and harder to find them. And all we get in the Netherlands is the peppermint variety.

When we were in Japan, the conbini had many, many variety of Frisk. On the last day in Tokyo, I took my change and went Frisk-shopping. Not only the spearmint, but also the 'eucaly mint', 'orange mint', 'black mint' and 'berrymint' varieties -- in the old packages. Some of these were quite delicious, and I was sad we couldn't get them back home.

I've switched back to the usual peppermint flavour, but there were still a few pieces left in the nooks and crannies of my desk. I just found and ate the last of the Eucaly mints -- I think that's the last Japanese mint I had left.
So now we have to get back, obviously.
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