September 20th, 2010

hand-eye coordination


Last friday, we were in Amsterdam. We paid a visit to Galerie Petit -- a small gallery close to the Dam. They had an exposition by two artists, but the real attraction is the stock they have on their top floor. They have a lot, and you can get some very nice pieces for very good prices there.
A lot of the stuff they had in stock used the graphic techniques I'm familiar with -- mostly etchings. It was fun to explain to klik how a particular piece had been made. If you have a few hundred euros to spend on art, there's bound to be something there that interests you.
They also had some block prints -- like the Japanese ukiyo-e prints. As it's close to my own work, I am very interested in the technique, and I paid good attention to the pieces they had. And now I'm itching to start multi-block printing too.
So I just ordered quite a bit of stamping rubber to carve my designs out. I've checked some artist's videos on how to ensure a multi-block print is well-positioned and tight, and I'm confident I can manage. (And of course, I'll show it on here if it works out.)

Sunday, we went to Maastricht for the birthday of A. klik made him a book, and I presented him with one of my etchings: the sugar-lift etching of the five-storied pagoda. I found it hard to gauge the reactions: of course they will tell you that they like it -- but do they really like it? I wouldn't want them to feel forced to hang it on their wall if it's not their thing.
I guess every artist (and in my case, I use the term in the loosest possible sense) has this when they give something away.
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