July 7th, 2010

Maid dance

Dustbunnies evicted

With a cat in the house, there's never a shortage of dust. But with the sweltering heat that we have had in the past week, we had enough trouble to keep the temperatures at home to manegable levels. And while our 2000W vacuum cleaner is pretty good, most of those Watts are converted into heated air that blows out of the back. Not a pleasant ingredient to add to the mix.
So last night, when we were ventilating like crazy and the temperature in house dropped to 21 degrees, I did a quick vaccum. Because even though my tolerance for dirt is the stuff of legend, it had been crossed four days ago.
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The paralysis of choice

With Spotify, I have access to a mindnumbingly large library of music (but not everything). Faced with this, it's kinda hard to decide what to play. Sure, I could go with the musicians that I know, but somehow then it feels like I'm missing out on something.

So, feel free to recommend an artist to me in the comments! I promise I'll try to at least listen to their latest album in total!
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One of the coolest features of OpenOffice.org Writer is the so-called 'Brochure' printing option. That will put two pages on each side of a sheet of paper, in the correct order to make a signature: if you make a stack of the sheets and fold them in half, you have a 'booklet' that is fit for brochure binding. However, that printing option makes only a single signature -- so it works for documents upto 20 pages. That's five sheets, and that's about the maximum size of signatures with 80 grams printing paper. And most documents are distributed as PDF anyway...
So, suppose you have a PDF (either something you created yourself from your own document, or for instance an RPG you bought from RPGNow or a PDF with all the MERP modules you torrented from somewhere) and you want to create a book from it -- what do you do?

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