March 28th, 2010


Herbal tea at the Herb Garden

The Herb Garden is pretty cool. At the top of the ropeway is a little
complex. In there is the Fragrance Museum, where you can learn about
perfumes, smell the different 'families' of smells and even do a workshop to
extract your own perfume from roses! The shop is also 'herbal'-themed, and
also sells honey from the herbal garden itself.
As you follow the path through the Herbal Garden, you get to see and smell
the various plants and flowers that grow there. At the conservatory, there
are displays showing (and allowing you to smell) various spices. They
explain how curry spice is made as well -- fun to smell the constituent
spices in isolation.
Further in is the cafe, where you can get fresh herbal tea. I'm not a fan of
herbal teas, but I have to admit that this was pretty tasty.
Having a magnificent view over Kobe certainly added to the experience.

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Meriken Park rollercoaster?

We went for a stroll through Meriken Park, at the seaside. It was busy with
kids doing stunts on their skates or bikes, and there was some sort of flea
market going on -- which turned out to be just a lot of junk...
We also went to see the piece of the park that was preserved as it was after
the earthquake fifteen years go -- most impressive.
And I don't know what kind of rollercoaster they're constructing on top of
the Maritime Museum, but I think I'll pass!

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curry ga dekita!

Second breakfast

Today we went to Kobe! We got a bit confused about which train we were
supposed to get, but thanks to klik's memory we got off at
Sannomiya station -- which turned out to be the right choice for sightseeing
in Kobe.
We had to stand in the train, so we were quite ready to rest our legs -- so
we went to a posh coffee shop. Due to a misunderstanding, we initially got
one piece of pie -- with a knife to cut it in two and two forks to share.
But that was cleared up quickly and the serving boy brought another piece.

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Bishoujo squad!

Ropeway up

We took the Loop Bus, which loops through the city and stops at touristy
things. The stewardesses have a uniform with a little hat, and they announce
things like why you would want to get off at the next stop. They also sell
the tickets (which you buy as you get off), so it gets kinda hectic at stops
while not much happens in between.
We got a day ticket and went with the Shinkobe Ropeway up to the Ninukabe
Herb Garden for a stroll. Here we're just leaving the station.

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(no subject)

Also, I create the emails for these entries in the train on the way back. Back at the Ryokan, I enable the wifi and send the mails to Calcifer through that. Calcifer then posts the photos and the entries for me, using a bastardised version of Benzaiten.
However, it seems my phone completely messes up the order in which the entries are supposed to appear. My apologies for this. Just read them all and you'll know the story. ;)
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