January 12th, 2010


The Quilt And The Table

That title could be of the new Loreena McKennitt album, but it's not -- it's about our new furniture arrangements. You see, last thursday, the table, bench and the chairs were delivered. At first we thought we should remove some tables from the kitchen-area, but it turns out that getting rid of the old dining table created enough space for the new one -- even though the new one is a lot larger. The foot of the table was fastened a bit skewed, so Saturday someone from the furniture shop came by to fix it. Quite a neat bit of service -- took him about 90 minutes, too, but then we had a table that was properly assembled and stabilised!
I like it a lot. We hardly used the old dining table because of the lack of space and the totally crappy chairs. But now we can both sit on the table and work on a crafting project, Kodama streaming internet radio and keeping an eye on the mail. I quite like it: it offers us more opportunities to be together. Not that we spend much time apart, but anyway...

We're working on the quilt. We decided to go for a winter theme for this one: we've used three different snowflake motifs and are now stitching the whole thing through. I fear the end result will look like the work of an overly-ambititous beginner -- because that's what we are. I think we'll stuff it in a closet when gertvr comes to visit and refuse to take it out. ;P

Throat's still sore, but I expect to be able to go to work tomorrow.
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