November 28th, 2009


Finished off the Shake King

I've finished Wario Land: The Shake Dimension. Pretty fun platformer that quite succesfully integrates classic platform-elements with a new control scheme that was made possible by the use of the Wiimote. And it has just the right difficulty level: sometimes you need to re-try something a few times to get it right -- but there are no puzzles that are impossible to do if you're not a super gaming god. Okay, some boss fights take a few more tries than other things, but that is to expected.

According to the ratings, I've finished about 75% of the game after completing it. I'm not so sure I want to re-do a lot of levels to get all the treasures and achievements -- I'm not that hard-core of a gamer.

Fabric came in!

Earlier this week, we got a rather large envelope from the Fat Quarter Shop. It held the two Bali Pops that we ordered.
Each bali pop has 40 strips of fabric, but for a single quilt we need only 10. So now we have enough fabric to make four quilts. We had to get two of the same assortment, because the strips of a single bali pop weren't long enough to make the quilt long enough. So this morning we sorted the fabric in four groups of ten strips. Perhaps we'll make a quilt for every season, but we haven't really decided on that yet.

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