October 26th, 2009

Maid dance

A marketing hint

Dear Tefal,

Proudly displaying the fact that your non-stick surfaces are non-toxic on the packaging of a frying pan does not inspire me with great confidence in the quality of your products. It is as if you have given up, as if you are saying: "Well, we all know the non-stick surface is going to come loose anyway and you'll be eating bits and pieces of it over the course of a few years, but at least ours won't kill you!"
I would suggest downplaying the non-toxicity a bit, and investing heavily into non-stick surfaces that don't stick to food but do stick to the pan.

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Poetic justice

This morning, on my way to work, I saw a girl walking a dog. She was using the edge of the curb to scrape dog-shit from the sole of her right shoe.
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2D barcode

Setting up again

I've spent some time setting up my phone again. With some minor tweaks, the phone feels again like my phone.
- I exchanged the standard analog clock widget for the retro clock;
- klik has one of her lomos as her background. I selected one too;
- I used Ringdroid to select the first 30 seconds from the 'Encounter' track off the Metal Gear Solid soundtrack (which you can listen to here). Now whenever I get called, I drop into battle mode!
- I set up the Metal Gear codec sound as the notification sound as well. It's pretty low-key, and it fits. :)