August 23rd, 2009

Bishoujo squad!

Finished series: World Destruction

We've finished watching World Desctruction. My first episode review is here.

All the world's oceans have turned into sand, and humans have been subjugated by beastmen -- human-like animals. Kyrie, who is a human, uses a disguise to get by in this world -- until he meets Morte, a human girl who is part of the "World Destruction Committee". She has some sort of device that will end the world. However, she doesn't exactly know how it works, and she is chased around by the 'World Salvation Committee'. Kyrie gets mixed up in these things, and they have to flee together. Somewhere along the way, they pick up a bear-beastman called Toppi who also gets dragged along.
The three of them have to flee from the World Salvation Committee, while trying to restore the balance between humans and the beastmen...

With only thirteen episodes, the anime is a fun little roadtrip all over the world. Morte is determined to return the world to the humans -- and if she can't do that, she'll happily destroy it. The artifact she holds is capable of doing that (according to the rumours), but she seems to be dependent on Kyrie to operate it. Meanwhile, Toppi tries to act as if it's not his problem, but he does save them when they get into trouble.
Throughout their travels, they encounter many situations where humans and beastmen either segregate or try to cohabitate -- there are many scars left from the war between the beastmen and the humans. Some people try to make the best of things, while others are actively resisting the current situation. Kyrie tries to placate Morte, pointing out the situations where humans and beastmen succeed in reaching a mutual understanding, but Morte doesn't budge.
In the end, it is Kyrie who holds the key to the end of the world.

While based on an RPG, the series stands on its own -- the backstory is simple enough, and because of all the traveling, you get to see a lot of the world and a lot of different situations. The focus is very much on the travel and the 'City of the Week', leaving little room for character development. One trick the series does pull off is to provide a real ending in thirteen episodes -- more series should do that, too many leave us hanging in the end.
Visually, the series isn't much special, but that doesn't mean it's ugly. Backgrounds and the CGI is pretty good, but the character designs and the character animation were made on a budget. :)
As for the voice acting, I'm kinda torn. Kyrie has a really irritating voice, but Morte is voiced by Maaya Sakamoto...

Good things:
- Interesting world with something new to discover in every episode;
- Provides a real ending;
- Maaya Sakamoto!
Bad things:
- Little character development;
- Doesn't break any new ground in animation.

All in all, a fun little romp that's nice to watch in-between. I'll give it a 7.