June 24th, 2009


More words!

vleeg gave me:
1 IT
I've always worked in IT. Long before I got my own computer, I have been interested in them, and writing programs. I did my first paid programming work when I was 17 -- it was an ordering information system, which I wrote in Turbo Prolog. I paid my way through university by writing software for the video digitiser my dad was marketing at the time. It's the only thing I can do really well.

See the entry on roleplay in this entry.

3 Computergames
Of course you can't have a computer without playing a game now and then. I spent nights and nights playing Elite (on the MSX-2, not the wimpy PC version). But I also played a lot of games in the arcade with friends on saturday afternoon. There were times when I could finish Space Gun with a friend with only one guilder each.

4 Macross
Macross is the reason I love anime. I've told the story in this entry.

5 Stamps
See the entry on stamps in this entry.

bouncie gave me:
1. Japan
My favourite vacation destination. The contrast between the ultra-modern urban lifestyle and the traditional ceremonies, side by side, is absolutely fascinating. Seeing a woman in kimono in the subway of Kyoto, with her high-tech mobile phone tucked into her obi. Seeing three upper-management types climb the mountain at Fushimi to pray for success for their business.
Some of the people you meet are shy. Some are more outgoing and willing to talk to you. People are friendly, you receive great service wherever you go, and the food is delicious.

2. Internet
My life-line to the world. When selecting a vacation home this past vacation, having an internet connection was definately a requirement.

3. Balance
I try to find a balance between rest, play and work. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I do get stressed out, but often I'm able to relax a bit and leave the work at work. (As an aside, my work is not my hobby. I work for the money -- if I didn't get paid, I wouldn't be doing it! Sure, I like my work, but I don't love it.)

4. Age
As happens ever so often, I am now at an age that I once considered old. People call me "sir", though one German grandma called me "young man" a few weeks ago.
I guess I can value experience much more than before. On the other hand, I work with a lot of young people (students or recent ex-students), and I find that that goes quite natural. At least, that's my take -- I'm not sure what they think of it. ;)

5. Religion
I'm an atheist. I have no patience for people who would use religion as their reason for doing certain things. And I get angry when people try to use their religion to forbid or force others to do something.
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