June 10th, 2009

King of the world!

Teasing the natives

klik tells me that I shouldn't tease the Danes by pretending I'm Danish myself. We certainly look Danish -- people start talking Danish to us all the time, and only after we tell them we don't speak Danish do they switch to English.
I can understand some of what is said to me in Danish, so I try to play along as much as possible. Today we bought a car charger (the cable to feed our TomTom from the car's cigarette lighter broke) at a phone shop. I could understand the salesman perfectly fine, but I can't speak any Danish beyond 'ja' (yes), 'nei' (no) and 'tak' (thanks). So I conducted the whole transaction with only these three words, and the guy looked at me increasingly suspicious -- he thought I was taking him for a fool or something like that. I think in the end he sussed out that I was a foreigner, but by that time we were walking out of the store again.

Somehow, such things never happened when we were in Japan. ;)
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Kirameki lullaby

We're watching Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross these days. I came across the DVD-set in a comic store in Copenhagen, and the summer house we rented turned out to have a DVD player -- so we don't have to do without our anime fix. :)
Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross was used by Carl Macek to splice into Robotech (as the second series, "The Robotech Masters"), which is why I wanted to have it on DVD. Now I have all three series in their original (non-Macek) form. Yes, they're old, and it shows. But the series themselves are still pretty good with respect to plot and the action.
The Macross franchise is still going strong (last year saw the release of Macross Frontier), but the other two have sort of fallen by the wayside. I'd love to see a remake of these series with modern CGI. I think they'd look great, and the plot could be polished up a bit too because of the increased possibilities to show stuff in animation.

Every time I see a mecha show like that, I itch to do an RPG campaign based on such a series. I think it would be fun to have a small group of players and play in a 'military light' campaign. But who would be interested? And would Mekton Zeta or Big Eyes, Small Mouth be better for mecha RPG?