March 6th, 2009

Glowing LED


Through friendsfriends, I discovered the journal of bee_eye, who makes really cool animal logos -- sometimes even more than one per day! They're always circular and have a very nice wood-grain to them, as if they're woodblock prints.
And as you all know, I do like to cut stamps, but I have no talent illustrating. So when I looked through the list, I saw a few that would make nice stamps -- uni-colored ones, obviously. I still had an eraser that measured 8 x 4 cm, and as all the designs are circular I would have room for two. I chose the Ox and the Crow.

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These were surprisingly easy to do. Sure, it's a bit of fiddling around with the cutting tools, but each didn't take me longer than an hour -- and the result is a pretty good copy of the design.
bee_eye, if you'd like one, feel free to make a request and I'll make it for you (to the best of my ability) and send you the stamp!
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