February 5th, 2009

Bishoujo squad!

Finished series: Earl and Fairy

We've finished watching Earl and Fairy. My first episode review is here.

The series is about the adventures of Lydia Carlton, a so-called "fairy doctor". She can see fairies, unlike most people. This makes her some sort of social outcast, because in the Victorian UK, people have lost their belief in such things (even though brownies still mess with the mailman). Nico, a fairy who manifests himself as a cat, lives with her.
Lydia's life is turned upside down when she gets involved with Edgar Ashenbert, who wants to claim the title of the Earl of Ashenbert, the so-called "Fairy Knight". Apparently, a fairy once presented himself to the king, and he was knighted in both the UK and in the fairy realm -- and if Edgar can find the Sword of the Morrow to solidify his claim, he will gain the title and the land. But there is this slight problem: Edgar can't see fairies, and he is pursued by some other shady characters...

The series is divided in three story arcs: Collapse )

It's very much shoujo -- all the girls have long flowing hair that is always gently waving in the wind, all the men are tall and handsome and want to marry Lydia, there's the romantic trappings of Victorian-era nobility... It's all going nowhere, though, because Lydia's ability sets her apart! (That, and Edgar is a total playboy that Lydia has a hard time taking serious when he starts spouting his 'romantic' nonsense.)
The plots are not that special, though there are some tense moments here and there -- but those get resolved quite nicely by various gallant gentlemen who fight for Lydia's sake!
Visually, it's very much shoujo as well. Everyone has large round eyes with multiple highlights, dresses are long and flowing, suits are always pristine, etcetera. The animation isn't that special, though -- but since there's not much action that's not much of a problem.

It's fun to watch, but it's a lot of fluff: amusing enough, but the plots are not breathtaking. It's a single-season series, and that's fine with me. In the end, I was getting a bit tired of all the waffling and the swooning and the relationships that go nowhere.

Good points:
- Uncomplicated shoujo;
- Fun;
- Lots of bishounen (who spend a lot of time with their shirt undone, obviously).
Bad points:
- Relationships go nowhere;
- Not much in the way of plot.

All in all, uncomplicated fun for young teens. I'm not so sure I'd watch a second season of it. I'll give this one a 7.