January 14th, 2009

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It is very unnerving when, at the start of combat, the GM rolls initiative not only for the monsters -- but also for your magical, sentient sword.

Doubly so when said sword has a higher initiative than you. And has teleporting powers. And uses those powers to put you in between the group of monsters (so that you are in a 'target-rich' environment) before you know what's going on.
And then it turns out that the monsters managed to get a higher initiative than you -- so they hit you before you have a change to strike them.

Luckily the sword could also teleport me out of the melee, next to our healer.
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2D barcode

Wanna escape?

When LiveJournal Inc. laid off ten people recently, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth -- once again, the End of LJ was imminent! (Just like it was when it was bought by 6A and SUP and when 'Strikethrough' happened...)

Of course you need to keep a backed-up copy of your Journal somewhere (just because!), but if you feel trapped at LJ, you can now use Google's Blog Converter to migrate from one blog-system to the other!