June 5th, 2008

Ships passing in the night


Yesterday, I attended a presentation from a former professor of mine. The one I worked for ten years ago.
He is still at it (even though he is getting at an age where he should be starting to think about retirement), and he is still working on the same things we worked on together. It was loads of fun to see his current project, and to be able to understand why it is superior to the keyword-based search of the likes of Google.

I stopped working in Information Retrieval 6.5 years ago, but even after all that time it still gets me all excited in a way my current job doesn't.


So after the verdict came in that I should not lager my beer for two weeks, my lead-time for acquiring 42 beer bottles was shortened from two and a half weeks to three days. I sent out the call for bottles, and colleagues came by with their eight, or five bottles... Nice, and certainly a help, but it would take quite a bit to get enough...

Until a colleague, who was until recently a student, got wind of the whole thing. He offered me to collect some bottles, all I had to do was come by his house to collect them.
Turns out he misheard me. I have a 30 liter bucket, but there's only 15 liters of beer in there. He had gotten enough bottles for 30 liters!
I took 'em all home, and I spent yesterday evening peeling off the labels and rinsing out the cigarette butts and washing the bottles in the washing machine. I have more than enough to bottle up my beer!

And now I get the advice to lager after all -- so my lead time has increased by two weeks. Oh well.
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D&D, session two

Tuesday, I played in the second session of nathreee's D&D campaign.

I think I made my Fortitude saving throw when I was dragging the corpses of the fishpeople we killed through the dunes, so with any luck I wasn't infected with The Plague.
At least I got three days' worth of free room and board out of it at the mayor's house!

Read all about it here.
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