April 7th, 2008

net zombie!

New anime

A mix of 'old new' anime and the new crop of this season.

To Love-Ru: Shy boy who has been in love with a girl from his school for years tries to muster his courage to actually speak to her. But when a spaceship crashes to Earth and the occupant, a busty naked girl, appears in his bathtub, he gets mixed up in alien matters! And of course the alien girl (who looks completely human except for her pointed tail) falls for him and wants to marry him instead of the men her father has selected for her!
So, quite perverted with lots of boobs and panty-shots, with a hapless male lead who is stuck in the middle.

Itazura na Kiss: Kotoko confesses her feelings to the top student of the school, but he declares he 'hates stupid girls'. Obviously, Kotoko has better things to do than to pine over snobby guys. That evening, the new house her father built is destroyed in an earthquake, but next day they can move in with an old buddy of her father's -- and of course it's the family of the snobby guy, who has an equally snobby little brother. Their mother always wanted a daughter, so Kotoko is quite pampered... but what to do with these annoying boys!?
The character designs are quite retro (for lack of a better word), and the plot reminded me too much of Peach Girl. Sure, they will fight, but you know they're going to end up together in the end.

Kanokon: Young Kouta is always being hugged by his busty senior Chizuru, much to the annoyance of the class president. They meet alone in the music room, and it is revealed that Chizuru is actually a fox spirit -- again, with tail. When she and Kouta kiss, she can possess him, enabling her to do some quite destructive magic. She uses this to defeat her older brother who walked in just as she was about to have sex with a hapless Kouta...
Again, quite perverted, with lots of boobs and panty-shots, and girls with tails. At least the character designs are really good.

Chi's Sweet Home: Really short episodes about kitten Chi who loses his mother. Basic animation for pre-schoolers.

Bus Gamer: Three semi-random guys are selected for a secret business game. If they want to earn the money they say they want, they have to work as a team to defeat another team of three people -- no holds barred -- and get the disc with industrial secrets from their opponents. Two of them are unsociable tough guys, and one is a completely useless schoolboy who gets them into trouble.
Violent, but it's not like the blood spatters everywhere. And you know that these three guys will form a bond and band together for their common goal.

Yotsunoha: OVA about the four members of the Light Music Club who placed a 'time capsule' in the school yard when their school was closed down and they all went to different schools. One of them tried to get the others to the same school, and she was hurt when the others didn't make it to her school. After four years, the four of them meet up again...
With three girls and one guy, it's obvious where this is going. The animation is nice, though. A pity Nono's voice is so irritatingly squeaky.

Shiawase Apartment’s Okojo-san: A ferret-like creature escapes from a pet store and takes refuge in the apartment of a college student. Obviously, he sees everything through the eyes of a predator, and this makes for amusing mis-understandings and mis-interpretations between the animals and the humans. Two half-episode stories in one, with the ferret always ending on top -- even though he is the only one who thinks he won. Amusing for younger kids.

Moegaku*5: A magical girl who is sent to help otaku get that rare figurine they crave! And it teaches some English phrases too! The live-action sequence at the start was really unsettling: lots of guys striking semi-tough poses and a girl with a fake-squeaky voice!
I don't know how anyone can hate themselves so badly that they would watch this.

Mnemosyne: OVA about an alcoholic private investigator who takes on jobs liking finding lost cats -- until she comes across something more interesting like a guy being abducted in broad daylight. Seems like all the action is going down in some shady pharmaceutical research lab, but of course she gets caught. We get a torture scene with piercings (it's an OVA, so they can get away with more than on TV), but luckily our heroine turns out to be immortal! Oh, and there's someone hunting her down too, and there is a tree that no-one can see...
Large budget anime, with just the right mix of violence, sex and plot.