March 28th, 2008


Easter in bullit-points

- We sent off the cat to a animal hotel for the vacation -- it was a tad too long to leave him alone at home. It made a very favourable impression to us, and the cat felt right at home there. When we came to collect him, he was sitting quite relaxed in one of the many cat baskets. Sure, it's not cheap, but we'll use them again.
- We logged a joke cache as our 200th find. We chose a joke cache, a parody on all those easy micro-caches in uninspiring places.
- The bungalow where we were staying was pretty nice, but as always when you fill these things to their maximum capacity, it's not as comfortable. We managed quite nicely though.
- Had a good time, walked some nice multi caches and also spotted the famous Drente sheep.
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