December 26th, 2007


Navigational equipment

Some people at TNJ are often on the road to clients -- consultants, sales people, etc. Some time ago, a mail was sent to all those types, to ask if they wanted a GPS navigation system for in their cars. It would be the property of TNJ, but it would be loaned for the employee to use.

I replied to that mail, suggesting that it might be more cost-effective to buy only one or two, and let people borrow those when they had to go somewhere they hadn't been before -- but that idea was struck down as being too impractical and giving too much administrative overhead. Fair enough.
Apparently, my mail had been interpreted as "yes, I want one", even though I hadn't intended it to be -- in a bind, the GPSMAP 60CSx serves that purpose quite nicely. So last monday I got a mail saying that my TomTom One XL Europe had arrived and that I should come collect it...

Now I have to figure out how the thing works, and how to mount it in the car. One has to be careful -- thieves notice the holder (or even the mark left by the suction cup of the holder) and break into your car anyway, on the off chance that you left the machine in your dashboard cupboard or under your chair!
Also, I have to get used to driving around with Bram giving me directions -- from driving around under the guidance of babarage's Bram, I know it does take some getting used to. And yes, I did select Bram as the voice -- Eva isn't to my taste, and I don't want Flemish voices. The female Catalan voice is deliciously sensual, but I don't understand spoken Catalan, alas!
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Who's to say? These could be the good old days...

klik was looking through some old photo's when she came across a polaroid picture, that was taken in preparation of a glamorous photo to promote Sibylle -- the system I worked on at Cap Gemini. We were on the eve of the Great Breakthrough -- CG would start to publicise the system, and the customers would come calling in droves!
A big role was to be played by us, the developers of the system. Perhaps CG wanted to profile itself as the place to work for specialists like us, or perhaps they wanted to show their would-be clients that they had other people than the standard bench-warmers -- or perhaps both. This was in '99, during the Y2K and internet goldrush, rates were high and people were scarce.

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As far as I know, this publicity shot was never used.

I hate my hair like that. I had just cut the ponytail, but hadn't yet dared to go for the buzz-cut just yet. It's a lot better like I have it nowadays.
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