December 7th, 2007



I remember making some graphs in Harvard Graphics, back in the days a 286 was the height of technology. Using those charts in school reports (printed on a dot-matrix printer with glorious grey-scale graphics!) made me look like a complete computer whiz at the time.

And now there is Google Charts, a way to let Google's servers draw your charts for you. Here's some examples:
The url,100,0,0,0,0&chdl=Times+I+am+happy|Times+I+am+wearing+pants yields:|Meenie|Minie|Moe&chd=t:5,10,45,50 gives:

If you want to create some graphs in your webpages, clearly this is the way to go. And instead of linking to Google's servers, you could also save the image to your own webspace, obviously.

Check out all the documentation on Google Chart API.