September 6th, 2007


Poor kitty...

Today, klik took Chibi to the kitty dentist. Now he lacks a few teeth (too badly infected to be saved) and is decidedly groggy. Poor kitty.
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Viagra spam from the source

Anyone with an email adress gets spam. And a lot of spam is for Viaga or Cialis pills. Pfizer, the company that makes Viagra, obviously doesn't want their product touted in spam -- especially not because it may be knock-offs or even counterfeits that people are buying under the name 'Viagra'.

But despite that, it seems Pfizer is actually the source of some of the spam, via a few hacked machines in their network.

Way to go, fellas!
Bishoujo squad!

Week 1

Today, I met the minimum requirement for finishing week 1 of the program: 4 days. Theoretically, I could move on to week 2 next week. But I think I'll re-do week 1 next week, because I want it to be easier to run this measly distance than it is now.

So far, no problems with the shin splints, but then again I haven't run any real distances yet.