August 28th, 2007

Ships passing in the night


My post yesterday about modern-day parenting has sparked quite a few comments. I just want to make one thing very clear (because people have misunderstood me in the past): I don't dislike children. I don't hate people for choosing to be parents. It actually seldomly happens that kids annoy me, or that I see a kid misbehaving in public.

Kids will be kids. Kids are noisy and energetic -- let them play. I don't believe kids should always sit still and be quiet. Sure, there are environments where not bothering people is important (confined spaces such as public transport), but kids shouting in the park while playing around is to be considered completely normal.

Bernheze plucked empty

Last sunday, we finished off the 50 traditionals plus 1 mystery around Bernheze. It took us (together with babarage) three days to get through it all.

We had a lot of fun, but that wasn't because of the caches. Most of them were of the simple 'drive in, grab the micro from the side of the road, log, re-hide the cache and drive to the next one'-type. I think I didn't even get out of the car for most of the caches.

The people who placed all these caches contradict themselves. On one hand, they say that every of these fifty caches is a stand-alone cache. They can be logged separately, and they don't give an order (or even an optimal route).
On the other hand, they also state (roughly translated): "Some caches are 'dropped' in a seemingly uninteresting location. This is meant to steer you, the cacher, in a particular direction." Wait... how do you have to steer me anywhere, if all these caches are separate and not connected together in a route or order?

Anyway, we finished it, and it'll be a long time before I will do another heap of traditionals with a mystery at the end. I could have missed 20 caches from this series, and not feel cheated at all.

If you understand Dutch, our log of the final mystery, with a 'retrospect' of the whole series, is here.

Afterwards, we still had some time to do another cache in the vicinity. I got to climb a tree, because the women were looking particularly helpless and I had to log that cache. I surprised even myself with my nimbleness -- I've never been particularly skilled in climbing trees, and nobody will ever accuse me of being a great sportsman either. After that, it was time to go eat some pancakes!